September 2, 2019

NG 10U Roster


Next Generation 16U Figueroa Roster


Next Generation 18U Gold Team

August 21, 2018


September 8th-9th (Fall Start)

November 2nd-4th (CASH BASH)

November 16-18th (FOOD DRIVE)

August 20, 2018

Next Generation 16U

Welcome 2018-2018 16U
Will add more quality players to this team.
Congrats all..
Coach Julia Montoya
Coach Candice Hadd
1.Ashlyn Castro
2. Alyssa Chavez
3. Taylor Richter
4. Alana Duran
5. Kailey Pittman
6. Cypress Daniel
7. Elia Palomo
8. Riley sanders
9. Lana Garcia
10. Caitlyn Meyers

August 14, 2018

Next Generation 18U Gold

Next Generation Gold Welcome:
Head Coach Jose Hernandez
Asst Jay Figueroa
Asst Richard Rodriguez
#88 Chase Cotter 2021 UIW committ
#99 Briana Rodriguez 2019 Texas A&M Kingsville committ
#27 Celine Figueroa 2019 Texas Southern committ
#9 Kaitlyn “Tate” Smith 2019 Texas A&M Kingsville comitt
#29 Willow Houston 2019 Texas A&M Kingsville committ
#18 Moniq2019ue “Nikki” Ramirez McLennan committ
#4 Jasmine “Jazz” 2019 McLennan committ
#16 Analissa Chavez 2019 uncommitted
#2 Ysa Gonzales 2019 uncommitted
#17 Jessica Day 2019 uncommitted
#19 Alyssa Barrientez 2019 uncommitted
#20 Andrea Garcia 2020 uncommitted
#6 Mikayla Kanetzky 2020 uncommitted
#7 Ashley Rummel 2020 uncommitted
#8 Brooke Rummel 2020 uncommitted
#22 Leah Herrera 2021 uncommitted
#30 Rebecca “Reann” Maino uncommitted



MAKE UP TRYOUT: Fill out form at
For 16U, 14U and 12U THIS SATURDAY.
Black Star Athletics
109 Bunton Road
Kyle Tx 78640

NG 14U Duran looking Pitcher and Catcher
NG 16U looking to add Pitcher, MIF and a strong athlete.
NG 12U Villegas looking to add Pitcher, Athletes
NG 12U Jackson has openings for good strong players


Coaches for all Ages

Next Generation Gold

Head Coach Jose Hernandez, Asst  Jay Figueroa, Asst Richard Rodriguez

Next Generation DeLaCruz

Head Coach David DeLaCruz, Asst Adrian Avalos, Asst Gil Urea

Next Generation 16U

Head Coach Julia Montoya, Asst Coach Candice Hadd

Next Generation 14U Duran

Head Coach Gilbert Duran (more to be added)

Next Generation 14U Saenz

Head Coach Pedro Lantigua, Asst Coach Genado Flores, Team Manager Joe Saenz

Next Generation 12U Villegas

Head Coach Jon Erik Villegas Asst Ariana Hernandez, Asst Mike Amidion, Asst Greg Guerrero

Next Generation 12U Jackson

Head Coach Joey Jackson, Asst Clay Miller


Welcome Next Generation 14U Saenz

2018-2019 Season Welcome
Head Coach Pedro Lantigua
Asst Coach Genado Flores
Team Manager Joe Saenz

1. Annaleah Lombardo
2. Anna Endsley
3. Ella Pettiette
4. Veronica Peitersen
5. Kayli Saenz
6. Katelyn Espinoza
7. Alyssa Rios
8. Maya Richards
9. Eliza Lozano
10. Mckeanne Saenz
11. Eliana Silva
12. Addison Kirbo
13. Brycelyn Pinales

August 8, 2017

10U, 12U and 14U Successful Tryouts

We would like to thank everyone for a successful tryout and may do some private tryouts for a couple of divisions to fill some needs. Overall, all 3 divisions were a huge success, thank you for coming out.